My design is all about immersion and illusion. It is the curse of the graphic design profession that our media is one without tactile interface. Though our audience cannot touch what is behind the looking glass that is the monitor, there is a magical reality to our craft.

My aim is to immerse the audience through depth, richness, texture and life into any given message. Good designs carry their point across as intended...great designs touch the imagination.

My approach for each separate media is with this in mind. I create the design as part of the media. I build printed material to tell a story that leads the eye to the most desired message and use layers to emphasize depth and richness. For web design, I create a window into the world of the message and make navigation a priority which allows the user's experience to be rich and not frustrating.

My designs are all about creating a reality. I attempt to draw my audience into my designs to experience a texture that simply is not there, in a world that does not exist. When properly executed, the textures make the difference between something appealing and something timelessly beautiful.

Take a trip through the looking glass...